The Perfect Murder

The Perfect Murder by Ruskin Bond

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Language English
Contributor(s) Ruskin Bond
Binding Paperback
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Language English
Publication Date 2016-12-28
Publisher Rupa Publications India
Contributor(s) Ruskin Bond
Binding Paperback
Page Count 175
ISBN 9788129144973

Editorial Reviews
In that dim corner of the cafe was planned the perfect murder. Paul had long since realized that the affair was not so easy of accomplishment as he had so airily suggested. For the thing must be done without violence, without clues, without trace.
Is the perfect murder ever possible? Find out, in this collection of stories where plenty of mysterious and strange crimes occur. Featuring some of the best writers of this genre, from Arthur Conan Doyle and Wilkie Collins to Edgar Allen Poe and Ruskin Bond, these stories will keep the reader hooked as they try to guess the motives, alibis and identity of the murderer. Baffling and exciting, this book is for those who enjoy pitting brains against some of the most accomplished writers of mystery stories.

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