Statistics for Business and Economics

Statistics for Business and Economics by Anderson

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Language English
Contributor(s) Anderson
Binding Paperback
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Language English
Publication Date 2012-06-01
Publisher Cengage
Contributor(s) Anderson
Binding Paperback
Edition 11
Page Count 1054
ISBN 8131517055

Editorial Reviews
Discover how the most trusted approach to statistics today is Simply Powerful. The latest market-leading text from respected authors Anderson, Sweeney and Williams, Statistics for Business and Economics, eleventh edition, introduces sound statistical methodology within a strong applications setting like no other text. The authors clearly demonstrate how statistical results provide insights into business decisions and present solutions to contemporary business problems. New cases and more than 350 real business examples and memorable exercises, 150 of which are new in this edition, present the latest statistical data and business information. With this book's comprehensive coverage and unwavering accuracy, you the topics best for your course, including thorough coverage of the latest statistical and business software. Up-to-date coverage of Minitab 15 and Excel 2007, along with Stat Tools and other leading Excel 2007 statistical add-ins within chapter appendices, provides ultimate flexibility with corresponding time-saving data sets on CD and online.

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