Business Economics

Business Economics by H L Ahuja

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Language English
Contributor(s) H L Ahuja
Binding Paperback
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Language English
Publication Date 2016-01
Publisher S Chand Publishing
Contributor(s) H L Ahuja
Binding Paperback
Edition Thirteenth
Page Count 712
ISBN 9789352533312

Editorial Reviews
The book provides conceptual understanding of essential concepts in business life. it details the foundations of business economics with special emphasis on demand analysis and consumer behaviour. it also discusses analysis of production and cost of the firm, market structures and pricing of products, factor pricing and income distribution and concludes with the discussion of capital budgeting. Based on the author’s extensive teaching experience, the book champions a collaborative approach to delivering an appropriate textbook that is curriculum relevant.
• Syllabi Relevant: Caters to UGC’s new CBCS syllabus and also to its earlier Model Curriculum
• New Topics: Study of destination between private and social costs, rule of thumb, for pricing followed under monopoly and imperfect competition, mark up pricing, marginal cost pricing, Ramsey’s multi- product pricing, causes of market failure and role of Government intervention to correct market failure. The book also includes a critical analysis of Economic Efficiency under perfect competition.
• Diagrams and Graphs: They clearly illustrate theoretical concepts and enhance understanding of their practical application.

Part I – Nature and Scope of Business Economics
1. Business Economics: Introduction
2. Basic Problems of An Economy and Role of Price Mechanism
Part II – Demand Analysis and Consumer Behaviour
3. Demand and Law of Demand
4. Consumer’S Behaviour: Cardinal Utility Theory
5. Indifference Curve Analysis of Demand
6. Revealed Preference Theory of Demand
7. Consumer Surplus
8. Elasticity of Demand
9. Demand Forecasting
Part III – Analysis of Production and Cost
10. Production Analysis: Factors of Production
11. Theory of Production: Returns To A Variable Factor
12. Production Function with Two Variable Inputs
13. Optimum Factor Combination
14. Cost Analysis
15. Break-Even Analysis
16. Supply and Its Elasticity
Part IV – Market Structures and Pricing of Products
17. Market Structures and Concepts of Revenue
18. Objectives of Business Firms and Their Equilibrium: A General Analysis
19. Equilibrium of The Firm and Industry Under Perfect Competition
20. Pricing In A Perfectly Competitive Market
21. Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus and Economic Efficiency of Perfect Competition
22. Price and Output Under Monopoly
23. Price Discrimination
24. Monopolistic Competition
25. Price and Output Under Duopoly and Oligopoly
26. Pricing Practices: Full-Cost (Mark-Up) Pricing, Multi-Product Pricing and Marginal Cost Pricing
Part V – Market Failures and Government Intervention
27. Market Failures and Its Causes
28. Externalities, Public Goods and Market Failure
29. Asymmetric Information and Market Failure
30. Government Intervention and Economic Efficiency
Part VI – Capital Budgeting: Long-Term Investment Analysis
31. Capital Budgeting: Analysis of Investment Projects
32. Cost of Capital of Business Firms
33. Cost-Benefit Analysis
Part VII – Factor Pricing and Income Distribution
34. Factor Pricing and Theory of Income Distribution
35. Determination of Wages
36. Theory of Rent
37. Theories of Interest
38. Theories of Profits

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