My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal by The Unscripted Life

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Contributor(s) The Unscripted Life
Binding Hardcover
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Product Details
Publication Date 2018
Publisher The Unscripted Life
Contributor(s) The Unscripted Life
Binding Hardcover
Page Count 42
ISBN 9353005140

Editorial Reviews
Traveling with your child? Here's a handy journal for your child to carry along while traveling. Helps your child discover all the cultural nuances of the destination (international or domestic) they are traveling to. Journaling pages are interactive and come with a pack of stickers! Also included are a set of gratitude cards that are meant to be filled and given away during travel to appreciate random acts of kindness. Because travel is an experience that one should remember forever. Age 5 - 11. Handcrafted by world travellers. Ideal for Gifting.

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